Growing Sideways

After one and a half years of brewing, drinking and tweaking Northern Helles, I'm really happy with the beer going out, and we can’t keep up with demand from current local keg lines. which is great!


But, it means we haven’t got capacity for enough seasonals, new customers, and canned Helles has disappeared from all shelves.

To get more Helles out there, I've been working closely with my good pals at Gipsy Hill Brewery, who we collaborated with on the bonkers ‘Wurlitzer’ last year.

This will involve me going down to London to brew Helles, installing my house acid culture, and getting the process dialled in as close as we can.

Gipsy Hill have the best QC i’ve seen in an indie brewery, and with their onsite canning line, i’m confident the beer produced will be even better than what is made up north. I’m super excited.

Also, this means equally as fresh Helles in both London and Newcastle! Gipsy Hill will be delivering directly to existing and new accounts all over the capital from late July. while I will be expanding distro over the North, and making more mixed ferm and seasonal beers.

In short, more Northern Helles, better Northern Helles. Happy days.