Three thousand pints.

Almost a year to the day after starting on this scheme, yesterday we brewed 10bbl of Northern Helles, our flagship lager!

We mashed in at Lion's Den, a 10bbl plant in Hartlepool, with lovely malt from Heidelberg and Bamberg.
We also added a fair few litres of Sauergut, which is wort that is naturally soured with our house lactobacillus culture, obtained from pils malt. The wort sours in a modified keg in a warm chamber, the resulting liquid tastes like a mix between Tesco tropical juice and freshly crushed malt.
This helps us to hit all our pH targets through the process, softens bitterness and adds a freshness to the final beer. 
After a 90 minute boil, we add NZ hops, Sticklebract and Taheke to the whirlpool. The finished wort is cooled into sterile bags, and was driven round the corner to our brewery/fermentation space. It was oxygenated in-line to the unitank fermenter, a huge amount of Swiss lager yeast was pitched to get the party started, we'll crop some yeast, capture the natural carbonation, and settle the beer down for its long cold lagering.


The largest batch of beer I've brewed to date has been 23L, this batch being roughly 70x bigger, I'd like to thank Matt at the Lions Den for helping make it happen and Lost and Grounded for their sage wisdom on producing lactic acid.

There's still more small batch beers to come in the meantime, but be fast, 2/3 havent lasted more than a few hours!


Screen Shot 2017-09-02 at 13.17.04.png