Small Batch Sessions

We’re still waiting for our hops to do our first big brew (although not for long I hope).
In the meantime, I've been busy making 19L kegs of some one-off beers. Prototypes, test recipes, and experiments for some of the best pubs in the North East. 

Bike Beer- 2.6%
Inspired by the ’Radler' (cyclist) lemonade-beer mixes of Bavaria.  A low alcohol beer bolstered with 65% wheat malt. lemon zest lemongrass and a tiny bit of zing. Hopped with Sticklebract and Citra. Fermented with our house German ale strain. Shan Pelligrino.

Azacca Pale- 4.7%
A relatively new hop, giving a stone fruit and tropical fruit nose, along with a freshly muddled pineapple twang on the back end, Weyermann pale ale malt, wheat, oats and our house German ale strain give some backbone. Hoppy, hazy (trendy).

Hops and Cheese -?%
Classic Citra and Cascade in with a background of German malt and yeast, for our closest craft beer bar, Hops and Cheese in Hartlepool.

Mosaic Pale-?%
Probably my favorite hop. Peach, pine, and resin. Again with the German malts and yeast (you get the idea), all these pale beers have 10g/l dry hop.

Damn Güt-?%
A classic stout recipe smoothed with oats and lactose, with fresh ground coffee in the mash and cold steeped post fermentation. Pair with a slice of cherry pie and a sinking feeling that summer is over and it's going to be freezing until June.

These are should start appearing in the order listed above over the next week or two. Keep an eye on the usual social media outlets and treat yourself to a pint in a lovely pub.