The pint at the end of the tunnel


I started the brewery straight out of uni with no savings or real plan,  and after a year of working, saving and making the most of support available (thanks, Newcastle Uni/Hartlepool Council!), at last, we're almost ready to go!

Our business model starting up is pretty unusual, we do the initial brewday (the combination of water, grains and hops) off-site on great expensive equipment over the course of a day. We then pump this wort (unfermented beer) into 1000L sterile bags and transport down the road to ''Donzoko HQ'', where it's slowly fermented in our custom built steel conical fermenters, lagered to perfection and kegged.
Everything is under our control, with no relying on other people’s tank space, we can aim for high consistency, keep costs down, and ultimately give you the best beer we can without being saddled with huge debt or cutting corners.

Will we eventually get our own brew equipment? Fingers crossed! For now, this seems like an excellent stepping stone.

Now back to building a cold storage room, ordering kegs, ingredients, gas, cleaning, wholesale licensing, launch event stuff..... the list is proper endless and to top it off I’ve recently started pouring fine quality beers at one and only Free Trade Inn, so if you see the van there on a weekend come say hi.