An Introduction

Welcome to the Brewery Blog!
I’m Reece, ‘founder’ of Donzoko Brewing Company.

Donzoko means lowest depths, or ‘’rock bottom’’; which is quite applicable to our starting point. In 2014, with a coolbox and some copper piping, I made some half-decent beer in my parents back garden, even winning a gold medal in a national competition.

Whilst brewing at home for me and my mates, I studied a chemistry degree at Newcastle and in Germany at LMU Munich. Bavarian style beer and the rich beer culture was a big part of my life, and upon graduating I put everything into the research and development of my own half Bavarian, half UK-craft bastardised recipes, which have come to a lovely frothing head as Donzoko Brewing Company; and the first beautiful Fermenting Vessel you see shining before you.



In the next post I’ll talk about how we manage to produce our beers without a Brewhouse of our own, thanks for reading!