Germany has produced amazing beer for centuries. Rich beer heritage is embedded in the culture. Donzoko Brewing Company takes this beer tradition, and combines techniques from modern UK and American craft brewing to create refreshing, unfiltered beers, packed with flavour. 
Based in Hartlepool, North-East England.



Northern Helles-4.2%

Screen Shot 2017-03-28 at 19.48.37.png

Our version of a Bavarian Style unfiltered lager. Sweet malt, subtle floral hops and a crisp refreshing finish.
Inspired by lazy days by the river Eisbach, this is our flagship beer that will change what you think about lager.




German malt, british oats and a whole lot of American hops. Fermented warm with our house German ale yeast, its packed to the brim with tropical fruit, citrus and soft fruit flavours.
Hazy, bitter. lush.




Rock Bottom- 8%

Donzoko means rock bottom. Our yearly Doppelbock release is a rich, decadent dark lager. Complex malt and herbal German hops play off each other, best served on a proper cold day. 

2019’s version is fermented on a blend of sweet and sour cherries.